Why not buy Real Madrid Falcao


Serie A team AC Milan, the most representative in the summer transfer can be described as the best out of the limelight, not because of how much money they spend, not because they have big players, but because they basically do not have to spend money to buy a set starting lineup. Torres, mene, Diego Lopez, Alex and a number of famous Milan are free to introduce, in addition to FIFA 15 Coins the 20 million euros they get rid of the thorn in the price of the bar of God, which had to admire the team Transfers Trader Galliani. In the new season, they led by Marshal Inzaghi made a good start on the first game, return to the war in Europe seems to be at hand. Milan city another team Inter Milan star is no longer a black hole, they seem to have learned a person's ability to sign free neighbors, the biggest highlight of their season was hired from Manchester United defender Nemanja Vidic free. In addition, the introduction of Mwila, Osvaldo, a lot of other players do not spend too much, can be said to be spending money on the blade. And perform the same transfer policy Milan clubs in Serie A team a few, Naples, Florence, Lazio, Udinese and other teams are so, of course, the goal of these teams for the new season is still the war in Europe ended, at no cost want to work, perhaps the only Serie A team got to do.

Why not buy Real Madrid Falcao? Eph Lord: I do not when he came to the Chairman of the! This summer, Real Madrid ultimately failed to introduce Falcao, while Manchester United striker easy loan to Colombia, which is Cheap FIFA 15 Coins regarded as a failure of Real Madrid, Manchester United's success, however, according to Spanish radio station COPE reported that, in fact, have the opportunity to sign Real Madrid Falcao, just Florentino reluctant to do nothing. Previously, Portugal has been trying to broker Mendes Falcao sent to Real Madrid, and has exerted pressure, but also led to the practice of Mendes Florentino anger, Lafayette even said: "Falcao , I walk away, let Mendes when President! "

Mendes is European football brokerage term "super giant", J Lo move to Real Madrid, Manchester United Mary by his operation, but on the issue Falcao transfer, Real Madrid or the main Falcao sudden contradiction. According Buy FIFA 15 Coins to Spanish radio station COPE "12:00 game," the host Paco Gonzalez reported Florentino door Desishijia signings pressure is very dissatisfied, Portugal brokers use a variety of media to create public opinion, to the outside world a Real Madrid striker must introduce a kind, if you do not introduce Falcao impression that is a failure. But Florentino tired of this, he even angrily said: "Anybody who introduced Falcao, I walk away, let Mendes when President!" FIFA 15 Coins http://www.fifa15buy.com

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Why not buy Real Madrid Falcao